Swim Programs

In addition to swim lessons, Waterworks Aquatics offers a variety of programs for children and adults. Whether you are looking for a swim camp, water aerobics class or a facility to host your child’s birthday party or a private pool party, you will discover that Waterworks Aquatics offers the highest quality aquatics programs.

Important Note: Not all of the swim programs listed below are offered at every Waterworks Aquatics location. Please click on the schedules below to view the locations that offer these swim programs.

Youth Swim Team

Give your child the opportunity to perfect his/her strokes in a team environment. Join the Waterworks Aquatics youth swim team! Water will be kept at a warm temperature year round. Children ages 5 and older who join our recreational swim team will develop endurance while improving technique. Monthly membership and flexible attendance are two advantages of our swim team program. Our head coaches will mainly focus on speed and conditioning with some stroke refinement.

Swim Competitions

Swimming Competitions are held monthly throughout the year. Our swimming meets are open to the public for level 4 swimmers and higher (ages 2 yrs and older). All swimmers will receive ribbons for participating and any child receiving 15 or more ribbons will qualify for a trophy.

Summer Swim Camps

Half-day week long camps focus on the core elements of swimming instruction to increase speed. Swim camps are meant for the intermediate and advanced students. Technique improvement is emphasized and camps are scheduled on select days and times throughout the summer.

Dives & Turns Clinic

Waterworks Aquatics is offering Dives & Turns Clinics in order to provide a 40 minute group class where instruction will focus solely on improving a swimmer’s racing-starts, flip-turns, and open-turns for all 4 competitive strokes. We are encouraging the students to sign up for as many sessions as they can make so that they can continually improve upon these important aspects of competitive swimming. They will be taught by Instructors with a strong competitive swimming background.

Family Swim Nights

Our Rockin’ Family Swim Night is an open swim session for our families to enjoy full access to our heated indoor pools during a time when no lessons are scheduled. All of our inflatable pool toys will be available along with pool games and fun activities for the children.

Recreation Swim

Waterworks Aquatics offers recreation swim for the public to enjoy the warm water year round. Recreation swim will be offered in designated pools at selected times throughout the week.

Water Aerobics

Low and high intensity water aerobics classes enhance physical fitness and are open to people of all ages. Classes are offered at various times throughout the week.

Lap Swim

Stay fit and healthy with our lap swim program. Swim at your own pace and on your own time. Lap swim times are conveniently scheduled throughout the week.

Aqua/Water Physical Therapy

Water therapy has long been used as an adjunct to traditional land-based techniques. Water is an ideal environment for therapy, as its buoyancy reduces body mass and provides support, which allows for easier and less painful movement. This also permits range of motion exercises to begin earlier than is possible on land.

Lifesaving and Swimming Workshops

Waterworks Aquatics offers aquatics based programs facilitated by CPR and First Aid certified instructors. Our lifesaving and swimming workshops demonstrate a wide range of water and land based techniques.